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IGC 2019

IN GOOD COMPANY debuts never-before-seen work that honors creativity and the spirit of the avant-garde, while celebrating the design community by hosting the public exhibition within Fernando's own 10,000 square foot Brooklyn studio. This year we're doing things a little differently. For the first time, we hosted an open call for artists to submit proposed new work to be considered for the show. Mastrangelo and Orlandi curated a selection based on the most innovative works presented by designers showing promise.

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Featured Limited Edition


DRIFT is a collection of sculptural pieces inspired by glaciers and natural earth formations from pivotal voyages to Patagonia and the Grand Canyon.


Featured Exhibition

Tiny House

As spaces begin to be experienced more and more virtually, the boundaries of our imaginations - as architects and designers - are no longer limited to what we can physically build. That’s where TINY HOUSE comes in; a space where the future of design can be experienced in real life...


Featured Open Edition

Escape Drum

Inspired by exotic landscapes, Mastrangelo uses his casting techniques to paint his own versions of mountain ranges with unique materials. Layering hand-dyed granules of sand, powdered glass, and silica, the materials impart an ethereal quality.


Fernando Mastrangelo Studio

FM/S is a host for experimentation without boundaries. With painting, sculpture, furniture, architecture, and interiors, the self-sustaining studio still maintains an essential core: FORM + CONTENT + MATERIALS. The ethereal suite of furniture, most influenced these days by specific exotic landscapes, will inspire a moment in nature, the greatest sculptor of all. Rough and refined, intricate and immense, formal and functional.

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