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Featured Installation

Audemars Piguet

Tapped by Audemars Piguet to design their Art Basel Booth in 2019 and 2020, Fernando Mastrangelo invites visitors to experience the Vallée de Joux - the Swiss Headquarters where all AP watches are created - through seamless gradients of tones and textures. Boulders extracted from the Vallée are crushed, cast and repurposed into walls, display cases, and furniture. The entire booth was created within the walls of FM/S’ Brooklyn studio


Featured Collection

The Capitol Collection

Fernando Mastrangelo’s use of natural materials as cultural metaphors continues in his latest series, THE CAPITAL COLLECTION. Individually titled Aurora, Marina, and Sahara, the diverse trio of mirrors are unified in their use of hand-dyed sand as their primary design material. Referencing Dubai as an architectural oasis that has emerged from a sand-covered landscape, the collection weaves a geographic narrative within its commanding visual appeal.


Featured Open Edition


Fernando Mastrangelo's MAGMA series continues his artistic conversation with climate change. The collection draws inspiration from the destruction of lava and volcanic matter. The melting of our planet is a danger we cannot turn away from; but from that concentration can come a touch of unnerving beauty.


Featured Limited Edition


DRIFT is a collection of sculptural pieces inspired by glaciers and natural earth formations from pivotal voyages to Patagonia and the Grand Canyon. Mastrangelo uses topographical views of glaciers breaking over the surface of the ocean to inspire his artistic expression.


Featured IRL Activation

Tiny House

This installation in the heart of Times Square NYC redefines the word "interiors." Built out of sand and recycled glass, the 22-foot sculpture invites city dwellers to converse with nature and sustainability through the power of design.


Fernando Mastrangelo Studio

Fernando Mastrangelo is a Brooklyn-based artist best known for his Collectible Design, as well as his large scale sculptures and experiential installations. All of Mastrangelo's works are sculpted by hand from natural or repurposed materials such as sand, salt, silica, and crushed or powdered glass. His artistic language is influenced by ecological issues, cultural metaphors, and a reverence for nature that borders on devout. For inquiries, acquisitions, & collaborations email

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