In Good Company 2019

For our third edition of IN GOOD COMPANY, Fernando Mastrangelo is teaming up with Milan-based gallerist Rossana Orlandi to showcase a group of young artists and designers whose work represents the next generation of American talent.


IN GOOD COMPANY debuts never-before-seen work that honors creativity and the spirit of the avant-garde, while celebrating the design community by hosting the public exhibition within Fernando's own 10,000 square foot Brooklyn studio.


This year we're doing things a little differently. For the first time, we hosted an open call for artists to submit proposed new work to be considered for the show. Mastrangelo and Orlandi curated a selection based on the most innovative works presented by designers showing promise. The 16 confirmed exhibitors are:


Alanis McNier

Andy and Dave


Bailey Fontaine

Elyse Graham

Gregory Beson

Ian Felton

Marco Piscitelli

Nick Missel

Nicholas Tilma

Ragna Sigurdarsdottir

Soren Ferguson

Studio Voll

Winston Cuevas

Zac Hacmon