In Good Company 2018

FM/S is pleased to present In Good Company / Material Culture within the studio’s gallery space at 134 Hinsdale Street in Brooklyn, opens September 7, until October 5.


The second edition of the annual exhibition is curated by Fernando Mastrangelo and Hannah Martin, senior design writer for Architectural Digest, and brings together a group of young artists and designers whose work represents a post-industrial shift in thinking about materials.


“An experimental approach to materials has always been central to my work, opening the door for FM/S to create across many disciplines,” says Mastrangelo. “This exhibition brings together a new generation of makers, each with a unique approach to materials and form, whose ingenuity is shaping the future of design.”


Spanning textiles, furniture, lighting, and sculpture, these works radically recontextualize industrial materials typically associated with mass-production, and through experimentation with form and process, ask how functional objects can convey human experience.


“A new generation of American designers has emerged that values the process as much as the product,” says Martin. “Rejecting the streamlined, industrial spirit of their 20th century predecessors, they’re repurposing the tools and materials of mass manufacturing for one-of-a-kind results and creating handcrafted functional objects using unorthodox techniques.”



Aaron Blendowski

Ian Cochran

Crosby Studios

Dove Drury Hornbuckle

Brecht Gander

Serban Ionescu

Dozie Kanu

Ryan Lauderdale

Only Love is Real

Jessica Martin

Ariana Massouh & Juliana Polastri

Yuko Nishikawa

Erica Sellers

Thing Thing