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THE DREAM is an installation that challenges the status quo, asking whether interiors can be redefined - as fantasy, art, landscape, painting, gesture, sculpture - while retaining their functionality and utility as a space. Inspired by Henri Rousseau's paintings, the space represents the studio’s first interior full installation and inauguration of an experimental interiors division titled "The Space Program.”

For the installation, sand is the primary material used to express the composition, with cement and crushed glass adding textural variety and effects. Sand-cast walls envelope the space in a surreal mountain landscape, while a sand coffee table and dramatically curved, sand sofa upholstered in blood red cashmere comprise a sculptural, yet comfortable sunken living room. Surrounding the living room are stairs covered in the soft textures of “10 Thousand Years,” a rug from the studio’s collection with Edward Fields, creating a conversation pit that is lush in materials, palette, and fabrics.

The space is completed by an illuminated, perfect sphere cast from crushed glass, which emanates a softly diffused light, and adds an element of fantasy with its moon-like appearance. Contemporary, yet moody and seductive, THE DREAM conveys a world where our connection to landscape and nature becomes unified with the materials used to build the spaces around us.