When something naturally accumulates over a surface, like the snow over a form, it leaves this perfect presence, this ghost. The language of the GHOST collection is ephemeral and takes on the challenges of balancing the hand and the machine. After spending a decade experimenting with and hand-casting unusual materials, the extreme precision and restraint in minimal geometries of these tables, consoles, and stools demanded a new technique — the use of a robotic arm. To make these large-scale, heavy, and perfect pieces that emulate the gravity of nature with the softness of carved cement, new technologies were implemented and new boundaries were pushed.

Ghost Dining Table

  • 72 x 30
  • $55,000.00

Ghost Console

  • 48 x 14 x 35
  • $32,000.00

Ghost Coffee Table

  • 60 x 14
  • $28,000.00

Ghost (Stools)

  • 20 x 20 x 20
  • $7,000.00