Tiny House

“As spaces begin to be experienced more and more virtually, the boundaries of our imaginations - as architects and designers - are no longer limited to what we can physically build, says Fernando” That’s where TINY HOUSE comes in; a space where the future of design can be experienced in real life.


Fernando’s work has always been deeply inspired by nature and issues concerning climate change, but TINY HOUSE takes it to the next level by utilizing reclaimed materials within a minimized 175-sqft footprint that elevates design by continuing the lifecycle of discarded materials.


“We’ve used materials like recycled glass and plastic to create a space that promotes sustainability without sacrificing beauty. It’s recycled and instagrammable! Says Fernando. The recycled plastic has been cast in an ombre landscape and scrapped glass fragments have been transformed into cavernous walls, solidifying the concept that architecture and sustainability never need to be mutually exclusive. Fernando also employed his signature cement casting technique inside the house, creating a mausoleum-like entrance.


Bringing life to our project, Brook Landscape designed and built the courtyard garden as the final space before exiting the House, inviting New Yorkers to a moment of peace and tranquillity before re-entering Times Square. Their vegetation surrounding the house roots the project as a true oasis in the middle of the city.